Biobased Bags

  • Our new biodegradable plastic bags are recyclable like other Compostable Bags, but are also compost-able, and if one of these bags is inadvertently littered it will degrade in the presence of oxygen, heat and stress within 12 to 24 months,  making the bags environmental friendly.

Bio-degradable bags with 1-2% bio-degradable additives:

The biodegradable additives such as D2W, EPI, P-life, Biocom, Reverte, Oxium will be mixed with HDPE/ LDPE materials to make bags. After a certain time, the bags will be decomposed and turned into environmentally friendly substances.

All kinds of plastic bags like Biobased Bags, die cut plastic bags, solf loop plastic bags, bags on roll… can be used with the biodegradable additives

Degradable time: 6 months – 2 years

Pros: general purpose, easy to manufacture; cheap price; good production time and capacity.

Compostable bags/ 100% bio-degradable bags:

The bags are made from 100% natural powdered cellulose as corn, tapioca, wheat.

Degradable time: 3-6 months.

Using the 100% biodegradable bags is regarded as an environmental-friendly solution. However, not only does it take much cost to produce but it also gets only a half capacity of plastic bag. Besides, raw material cost is very high, about 2800-4500usd/ton and price of completed bags is about 3500-6000usd/ton

Biobased Bags manufacturer are also called Compostable Bags, biodegradable bags or bio bags are normally designed with big sizes in order to hold a heavy weight of waste or big amount of bioplastic packaging. Our garbage bags are very good quality and totally meet the purpose and meet customers’ satisfaction. The most popular color is black, sometimes other colors: green, blue, yellow, white or even clear color. T shirt Bags could be with core (in paper or plastic) or no core.

Usages: Bin liner is quite thin and used for light and clean Biodegradable packaging, biodegradable bags, garbage bags manufacturer, biobased bags are thicker and used for heavy garbage.

There are 3 types:
– Biobased Bags & Compostable
– Biobased Bags with core: flat or T-shirt handle
Biobased Bags without core: Shopping T shirt Bags, Food Bag, Bio Garbage Bags, Biobased Bags, Compostable Bags

Material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE and LLDPE