Quality Assurance

STEP 1 Planning and Designing of product. We have a team of well trained top notch designers to help market your company on printed bags. We will then get specifications of customers and usage of bags to decide on the raw materials used for product.

STEP 2 Raw materials (Premium HDPE, METALLOCENE, BIO DEGRADABLE ADDITIVES, MASTERBATCH) are chosen by our engineers and mixed to their optimum. They pellets are sent to the extrusion machine where they will be blown in to plastic film.

STEP 3 Blowing phase is the most important process of plastic production. This ensures that the plastic are uniform in thickness. Quality checks during this phase would be uniform thickness, tackiness, and color of the film. A staff will be attending at all times to the blowing machines to ensure product consistency.

STEP 4 The (rolled) blown plastic will be sent to an automatic cutting machine. All our cutting machines are equipped with EPCs (Electronic Positioning Controller) to ensure all bags are aligned with immaculate precision. The dimensions of the product has to be accurate with customer’s specification and will be checked by staffs to ensure consistency.

STEP 5 The product will undergo a series of stress and pressure test to ensure quality standards. The sealing of the product has to be good and strong enough to withstand specific pressure demand of customer.

STEP 6 The products are packed into an outer bag and into the carton box that includes the staff’s code and date of production(for traceability). There will be a daily 5% product check by our QC staffs. If any errors are detected, the line of production for the specific product will be 100% re-checked. Finally an error free product that would ensure 100% customer satisfaction.